Elite Genesis Filters

First in filtration, Genesis Filters are professional grade pressurized bead filter systems specifically engineered to provide outstanding water quality all year round while also being the easiest pond bead filtration systems on the market to maintain. Weekly recommended maintenance tasks for Genesis Bead Filters can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes. Backwashing and routine water changes are both extremely simple and clean tasks with the Genesis Filter, and do not require the pond owner to get his or her hands dirty manually cleaning filter pads or scrubbing bio media used by other pond filters on the market. Simply put, the Genesis is the standard by which all other bead filters are measured. Recognizing there are many quality bead filter systems on the market, the Genesis Filter offers superior value and performance to competitor pond filters for a variety of reasons. Elite Genesis Filter Systems feature an 8-inch True-Clear dome lid. This innovation allows the pond owner to actually view the bio media while the filter is in use, alerting him when a backwash is actually needed. Most bead filters on the market do not have a clear lid and require the pond owner to actually remove the lid entirely in order to view the filter media. The clear dome lid offered with Genesis Filters is also a significant upgrade over the 6-inch faux-clear yellow lids (commonly advertised as clear), which can actually be very difficult to see through once the filter has been in use for a while. A clear sight glass is also included with every Genesis Filter, which allows the pond owner to see the clarity of water leaving the pond during regular backwashing and recommended water changes.